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The Team

Our multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, graphic designers, and business strategists each bring their unique expertise to our collaborative work environment.

Together, we create a blend of professional creativity and technical proficiency, resulting in photorealistic visualizations that perfectly encapsulate our clients’ unique visions.

Hrvoje Sedlić


Dubravka Sedlić

Creative Director

Josip Marinović

Senior Project Lead

Matija Grašić

Project Lead

Ivan Tonković

3D Artist

Sven Došen

Post-production & 3D Artist

Milan Perica

Business Development Manager


Head of Security

About us

Studio Soba is a renowned architectural visualization studio, with a decade-long legacy in the industry. We attribute our success to our unwavering dedication to our craft and to our enduring relationships with our clients, continuously pushing the boundaries of architectural visualization using cutting-edge hardware and software technology.

About Us

Precision &

Our projects, each carefully crafted to the highest standards, reflect our commitment to precision and authenticity.

Our reputation stands on two pillars: creating marketing-level visuals that elevate brand experiences and crafting competitive visualizations that stand out in professional contests.

Our Clients

With a client base spanning from Australia to the United States, and from Canada to the United Arab Emirates and across Europe, we’re proud of our global reach and adaptability. Our international collaborations have enriched our understanding of diverse architectural styles and visions, enabling us to cater to a wide array of client needs and preferences.

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At Studio Soba, we’re about more than just delivering top-tier visualizations; we’re about establishing and nurturing client relationships, making every project a collaborative journey.