Still Images

Our still images or CGIs form the core of our workflow. We create photo-realistic visuals of exterior and interior spaces for competitions, presentations, and marketing purposes. Our offerings range from full CGI visuals, where we custom model complete landscapes and spaces, to CGIs with backplates, where we use professional photography from project locations for a more realistic storytelling experience.

The standard resolution of our visualizations is 6,000 px per wider side, and by request can be up to 8,000 px.


Our 3D animations are created with the same attention to detail and quality as our still images or CGIs. These animations are an excellent tool when you want to enrich the storytelling experience.

3D animation can be up to 4K at 60 frames per second depending on the needs and requirements.

Virtual Reality

Our 360° Virtual Reality hotspots and Virtual Walkthroughs offer a more immersive experience of spaces.

With the ability to look around, move through spaces, and even interact with light conditions, you can see the same perspective in daylight and nighttime.

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